We facilitate and support sporting events in the Iowa City, Coralville and North Liberty areas. We may not be a large Sports Commission, but we take pride in the many sporting and special events that we host.



Produced & supported sporting/special events in our communities


Economic impact of produced and supported sporting/special events.


Total attendance of produced and serviced events.

“The Iowa City Sports Commission has continuously worked at an extremely high level to support all the Iowa High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) State Tournaments that have been held in the Iowa City/Coralville Area. They consistently go above and beyond to help create a fantastic IHSAA state tournament experience for all the athletes, coaches, fans, officials, and workers involved in our events. Whether it be the local amenities, the facilities, branding, etc. we know their support of the IHSAA will elevate our championship series.”

Andy Umthun, Assistant Director, Iowa High School Athletic Association


Interested in joining the Sports Commission’s Scout Team? The impact our events have on our community is made possible because of our volunteers! We are lucky to work with many community members and organizations to make our events possible. Sign up today to volunteer for our next event.